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★Vol.120 世界初!光明真言をバカラで解く! Part 3。First of the world! Solve Komyo-Shingon by Baccarat! Part 3





First of the world! Solve Komyo-Shingon by Baccarat! Part 3

Gathering the power of the five gods (the Blue Dragon, the White Tiger, The Suzaku, The Gembu and the Yellow Dragon), solve the secret code that has been hidden over 1,200 years and open up the new future.

Kobo-Daishi accomplished 21 things out of 23 that are necessary for the current world and he gave over us to complete the rest 2 things. Kobo-Daishi received the message from the light presence and created the sacred dam.

In the subspace of the dam, he has hid the three sacred treasures (devices) that will lead the current world to the new future.

The Alzar people who have lived in the subspace of underground have been controlling the hidden three sacred treasures (devices).

Now, we have been instructed by the light presence and have been searching the sacred dams all over the country where the three sacred treasures (devices) have been activating.