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    ★Vol.46世界初!これは奇跡! 天ノ岩座神宮で弁財天様の琵琶の音が鳴り響く!






    The first of the world! This is a miracle! The sound of the biwa of god ‘Benzaiten’ resonates in Amanoiwaza shrine!

    Explanation : We will introduce a mysterious phenomenon that occurred when Guuji has performed a Shinto ritual at Amanoiwaza Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture.

    There is a shrine in the hill summit and there the rock has been enshrined as the God, like Amaterasu Ohmikami and other twelve Gods.

    After the ritual, the mobile phone in the pocket of Komyo(Blue dragon) arbitrarily switched on and it has shot some mysterious photos.

    After talking about watching the megaliths and saying Benzaiten(God) has been enshrined, and Komyo(Blue dragon) took some movies around there, in the latter half of the movies, the sound of Biwa of Benzaiten(God) was recorded in a loud volume.

    At that time, we could not hear the sound but later when we confirmed the movies, the sound of Biwa was recorded. In Shinto, Benzaiten(God) is called a Kikurihime princess(God). These are extremely thankful movies.